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Why You Should Travel to Hungary

Delicious Food & Local Wines

Hungarian culture is deep-rooted in its culinary traditions, and the best example of that is a piping hot bowl of Goulash, a hearty stew packed with meat and vegetables. Goulash can trace its origins back thousands of years to a soup made by Hungarian shepherds and is just one of Hungary’s nationally prized dishes. It's easy to find a locally grown wine to pair with your meal, as Hungary boasts seven wine-growing regions. The many vineyards offer tours complete with tastings that make Hungary an appealing destination for wine enthusiasts and couples.


Culture in Budapest (including folk culture)

Budapest is a hub of culture and offers all the amenities of a European capital city with the charm of a small town. Chic pubs and trendy stores dot the streets of this architectural wonderland. Everyone is sure to find something of interest. Hungary’s rich folk culture is still going strong, too, with many museums and local artisans keeping alive craft techniques that have been passed down through the generations.


A Monument in Budapest

Low prices

Hungary is a top destination for budget travelers, with Budapest ranking among the most budget-friendly holiday destinations in Europe. Popular among college students and backpackers for this reason, Hungary’s capital city offers a wide range of economical eats and even free admission to some attractions, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion, a scenic viewing terrace located in the Buda Castle.


Filled with beautiful nature

The Hungarian countryside is a picturesque postcard, complete with rolling hills and idyllic farmhouses. Hortobágy National Park in eastern Hungary is a World Heritage Site located in a steppe environment. Habitat to cattle, sheep, horses, and a few hundred species of birds, unspoiled expenses like these are Hungary's claim to fame among nature-lovers. In summer, Lake Balaton opens its waters to those wanting to soak in the sun or participate in water sports. The largest lake in the region, Balaton is just a short drive to the nearby vineyards. Because of its size, it offers a little something for everybody; the north shore provides a quiet family getaway, while the south shore is more well-known for its nightlife.


Thermal baths

Hungary draws in thousands of visitors each year with its thermal waters, and various thermal spas are located throughout the country. Besides providing bathers with a relaxing dip, thermal baths also possess numerous health benefits. They can minimize muscular pains, improve metabolism, and reduce stress not to mention all those essential minerals! Baths can be found in all locales, from Budapest's City Park (Széchenyi Baths) to the world’s second-largest thermal lake, situated in a volcanic crater (Hévíz Thermal Lake).

Thermal Spring in Hungary


Hungary beckons with its irresistible blend of delicious cuisine, vibrant culture, affordability, stunning nature, and rejuvenating thermal baths. Indulge in the rich flavors of Hungarian dishes like Goulash paired with locally grown wines, or immerse yourself in Budapest's cultural tapestry, from chic pubs to traditional folk museums. With its budget-friendly offerings, Hungary is a haven for travelers seeking adventure without breaking the bank. Explore the picturesque countryside, relax by the shores of Lake Balaton, or unwind in the therapeutic waters of Hungary's renowned thermal baths. Ready to experience the magic of Hungary? Reach out to Vacations by Andrea today to start planning your unforgettable Hungarian getaway!

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