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Andrea Auger

I'm Andrea Auger,

the imaginative force behind Vacations By Andrea, where we turn the ordinary into extraordinary and the expected into the exceptional, crafting experiences as unique as you are.  I'm beyond excited to whisk you away on an adventure where every moment is tailor-made to suit your unique travel style.

My adventure in crafting unforgettable escapades kicked off in a snug corporate travel agency, and the thrill of creating magic moments has been my compass ever since.  Life then took me from the lively classroom to the heartwarming chaos of a stay-at-home mom during my son's pint-sized years. As homeschooling became our daily escapade, travel wasn't just a luxury; it was the secret ingredient to making learning a wild, joyous ride.

In 2019, a serendipitous chat with a fellow Travel Advisor was like a plot twist in a good book—it sparked the idea of turning my love for exploration into a symphony of unforgettable experiences. The result? A return to the travel scene, with a newfound passion for crafting adventures that go beyond the typical, including the opulent world of river cruising.  Picture sailing through picturesque waterways, each cruise curated with the finesse of a personal concierge—because your adventure should be as unique as you are! From exploring charming villages to gliding along scenic rivers, it's about turning your journey into a vibrant, witty tapestry of moments that'll have you saying, 

 "Did that really happen?!"

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So, are you ready for a travel experience where destinations aren't just places but stories waiting to unfold? Let's embark on this adventure together, turning your travel dreams—whether by land or river—into a spectacular reality. Your tailor-made adventure is ready and waiting—come on board with Vacations By Andrea, where your travel dreams blend seamlessly with a touch of charm, and every trip promises a story you'll be eager to share!
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